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Spectral Mother

31 Dec, 2012
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nda7AMP and Mother Magazine anounce a group exhibition curated by Thodoris Colovos, a collection of new work – by artists previously featured on Mother Magazine- constructed around Freud’s theory of the incest taboo found in the infamous Oedipus complex.

“Spectral Mother” is Freud’s term for the analysis on the maternal idea that haunts our social, professional and chronological self-positioning. The show assumes the association of this theory with the meditative process and subconscious development of the artist’s intentions and discipline, through their own aesthetic language and personal history. Each work uses narration as a form of psychoanalysis, revealing aspects of the artist’s intimate reality and understanding.

Ashes to Ashes

21 Feb, 2012
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AMP WORKS is pleased to present Ashes to Ashes, a group exhibition curated by Christopher Garrett that explores the notions of antiquity and endless sources and taboos.

Ashes to Ashes is a spectral assemblage of material facts and artefacts from Greece, carefully chosen from the antique store Martinos, and works from ten contemporary artists, where the old is exhibited back-to-back to the new. In one way or another, all participating artists use a specific source as their starting point, which they manipulate and coax until it becomes something completely different. The exhibited works are presented side by side with antiquities, a juxtaposition coming close to emulating the sort of psychedelic experience one gets while visiting Athens, with its ancient ruins shifting so easily into modern day realities.

Daniel Silver – “Letting Go”

11 Sep, 2010
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accesText by Max Henry

In all of its psychological guises, the human figure is primary to the sculptural tableaux he presents in groups or pairings, and as stand alone individual works. His amalgamation of numerous styles is born from his cultural memory of a childhood spent between Europe, Jerusalem, and the African continent (South Africa, Zimbabwe).

While his formal academy training is rooted in traditional European sculpture, Daniel Silver underscores his approach with conceptual tropes. Blurring distinctions of authorship he’s exploited the readymade through Carrara marble statues discarded from commercial workshops in Italy, subtly altered by his own hand. In Zimbabwe a series of portrait busts were done in collaboration with local craftsmen. The faces were based on photographic images appropriated from the Internet of men and women who were death row inmates in a Texas penitentiary.

Dawn Surf Jellybowl Film

8 Aug, 2008
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A2802_2008-10-08-23-10-00Jeniffer West, _Dawn Surf Jellybowl Film (16mm film negative sanded with surfboard shaping tools, sex wax melted on, squirted, dripped, splashed, sprayed and rubbed with donuts, zinc oxide, cuervo, sunscreen, hydrogen peroxide, tecate, sand, tar, scraped with a shark’s tooth, edits made by the surf and a seal while film floated in waves- surfing performed by Andy Perry, Makela Moore, Alanna Moore, Zach Moore, Johnny McCann – shot by Peter West – film negative sanded by Mariah
Csepanyi, Andy Perry and Jwest)_, 2011, 8 minutes 15 seconds 16mm film negative transferred in Hi Definition Video, projector, projection screen, beer bottle caps, blankets, pillows

Commissioned by the Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara, California and Thanks to Andy Perry
Courtesy of Vilma Gold, London and MARC FOXX, Los Angeles

Ben Jones and Andreas Melas

3 Jul, 2008
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A2799_2008-10-08-23-10-45Presents will launch Celebrate the New Dark Age in Athens, Greece. Celebrate the New Dark Age is a sweeping painting, sculpture and video exploration of the search for spiritually edifying Platonic forms and ideas in a time of social tumult.

Using discreet units of images and shapes, Jones has constructed a visual language that invites both participation and celebration. This language accumulates into sets of ideal formal bodies and geometries in an exuberant modernist language of color and line. In this, Jones recalls both mid-century hard edged abstraction and more contemporary figurative activities. His paintings offer a window into his oblique narratives — mysterious scenes of the literal ups and downs of daily life along with the totems we construct to help us abide. His sculptures give physical form to the totems on display in his paintings, giving physical heft to the ideas on display, as figures and forms emerge from walls, floors, and ceilings.