Dawn Surf Jellybowl Film

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A2802_2008-10-08-23-10-00Jeniffer West, _Dawn Surf Jellybowl Film (16mm film negative sanded with surfboard shaping tools, sex wax melted on, squirted, dripped, splashed, sprayed and rubbed with donuts, zinc oxide, cuervo, sunscreen, hydrogen peroxide, tecate, sand, tar, scraped with a shark’s tooth, edits made by the surf and a seal while film floated in waves- surfing performed by Andy Perry, Makela Moore, Alanna Moore, Zach Moore, Johnny McCann – shot by Peter West – film negative sanded by Mariah
Csepanyi, Andy Perry and Jwest)_, 2011, 8 minutes 15 seconds 16mm film negative transferred in Hi Definition Video, projector, projection screen, beer bottle caps, blankets, pillows

Commissioned by the Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara, California and Thanks to Andy Perry
Courtesy of Vilma Gold, London and MARC FOXX, Los Angeles