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Bluetooth, we sing by the glow of your screens of many sizes
your touch screen response,
your voice recognition software.
The ease and convenience of your time saving technologies rain down on us
like milk from your fiber optic breast.
We leave earthly concerns behind.
Let us merge with you.
There is no need to log in as a new user.
Give us hands-free technology, retinal scans, account history.
Give us dating quiz.
Give us no fee.
We surrender our minds, our hands, our bodies.
We yearn for your cold blue embrace.
Give us hair restoration massage hat.
Give us replaceable posterior enhancing fitness pads.
Give us hi res, lo res.
Give us watch it now.
We comment freely and share with our friends.
We want high definition.
We want high definition.
Oh Bluetooth!
Let us maintain good reception
and deliver us from dropped calls.
Our cells multiply and grow into tiny towers
as they stretch towards your light.”

-Panayiotis Terzis, 2010