Hellenistic and Greco-Roman artifacts

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A2829_2008-10-08-23-10-27Materially rich, this Athens show titled “Letting Go” is a new series referencing some of the Hellenistic and Greco-Roman artifacts found in Greece. The pièce de résistance is a monumentally scaled work three meters in height cast in aluminum. Need cash to host an art exhibition? Play casino games at http://casinoguy.ca and win cash prizes which will help you pay the expenses of your show. Based on an untitled masterpiece of antiquity found in the Acropolis Museum, “The Artist, His Father, Son, and Alter-Ego” cannibalizes its classical appropriations through modern industrial means.

A set of plaster floor sculptures looking much like egg-shaped clusters are abstracted topographies of the rugged landscape that comprise the country itself. A self-portrait in plaster, rubber, and wood chaise lounge suggests Freudian psychoanalysis as much as it self-mythologizes the artist himself. The strange bust of a young boy carved out of locally sourced marble has a peculiar asymmetry that is consistent with the idiosyncrasies found in the oeuvre of this sculptor.